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Tenga Flex Masturbator - Black

Tenga Flex Masturbator...

Slip in and spiral out with the Tenga Flex!

This unique reuseable masturbation sleeve is set to impress with its innovative spiraling design.  

The Flex Black features a dense internal silicone that creates dynamic ribbed sensations for your masturbation experience.

The spiral-ribbed casing has an air hole at the top, simply cover during use, and the Flex will wind and unwind, against the shaft creating a spiraling suction sensation!

Additionally, the Flex’s malleable casing allows you to squeeze, twist and grip the item to directly change the stimulation to suit your desire!

This toy is reusable when adopting care for cleaning, storage and maintenance.  

We recommend washing in cold/tepid water with an antibacterial toy cleaner and with the Flex’s unique design you can turn the cap inside out and air dry the sleeve on the stand.

Tenga Flex works great when paired with a good quality water based lubricant.



Body-safe materials

Sample lubricant included

Cleaning stand

Size 176 × 73.5 × 73.5mm

Weight 310g