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SpareParts La Palma Glove Harness

SpareParts La Palma Glove Harness...

La Palma Glove is the latest innovation from SpareParts HardWear and offers unparalleled freedom for men, women and couples. This revolutionary glove may be used with or without dildos or mini bullet vibrators. La Palma Glove provides stylish pleasure from the palm of your hand! The stretchable elastic O-ring in the center of the palm holds dildos with round bases or balls. Two small pockets, one at the top of the palm and one near the wrist, each accommodate a mini bullet vibrator.

When mini bullet vibrators are used without a dildo, La Palma is a massaging wonder; and when used with a dildo, vibration passes through the dildo base and shaft. La Palma Glove is constructed from highest quality nylon and neoprene, making it extremely comfortable for extended wear. It also includes low-profile Velcro and non-corrosive brass snap enclosures. La Palma can be used in the water*, and its strong construction allows for play in multiple positions with complete confidence.

La Palma Glove is ideal for everyone, including those with lower-extremity disabilities, partial paralysis or sexual dysfunction. Each La Palma Glove comes with three Ringo base rings, two mini bullet vibrators and a zipper case.

Sizing & Measurements:

Size Palm Thumb
XS/S 2.5-3.25' 1.75-2.25'
M/L 3.25-4.0' 2.25-2.75'
XL 4.0-5.0' 2.75-3.25'

IMPORTANT: Accurate hand measurement is essential. Choosing the wrong size can prevent La Palma Glove from closing properly or cause dildos with larger bases not to fit. Please measure your hand using the sizing guide prior to making your purchase.

Sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL and is available in left or right hand.

*Constructed of nylon on one side-and-neoprene gripper material on the other, Ringos enable dildos with smaller or flimsier bases to be used with the La Palma Glove. Add as many as needed to prevent dildos from being pulled through the palm hole. Ringo Grips can also be used with other SpareParts HardWear products like Joque and Pearl Theo harnesses.

**All mini bullet vibrators included with the La Palma Glove are said by their manufacturer to be waterproof but must be securely closed. Use of any vibrator in a water environment should not be attempted without consulting the manufacturer's packaging to ensure that the product is designed for such use.


ORDERS TAKEN: Please ensure that you give correct sizing and measurements.