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Liquid Latex Kit

Liquid Latex...

Our Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic Application Kit™ contains everything you need to design a liquid latex masterpiece of your own.

A single Starter Kit contains enough Liquid Latex product and accessories for you to completely cover a torso, make a custom pair of gloves, or create a stylish latex-coated pair of Bowie-esque glittery pants.

Ideal for first time purchasers, the Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic Application Kit™ offers a great way to meet all your creative needs at a very reasonable price.

The standard Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic Application Kit™ comes complete with:

* One 16 oz. jar of Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic™

* One 2 oz. container of Rainbow Metallic Pearl Sparkle™

* Two disposable polyfoam application brushes

* One facial dust mask (to be used when mixing / applying the Sparkle)

* One 4 oz. pump-spray bottle of Latex Body Wash™

* One 2 oz. bottle of Latex Ultra Shine™

Complete liquid latex product brochure with clearly written user instructions.