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Kama Sutra The Game

KAMA SUTRA.....The Art of Making Love - Deluxe Pack

1001Secrets of the Oriental Art of Sex

With KAMA SUTRA THE GAME you make a trip to the well of ultimate bliss in Oriental sensuality: tantric love tips and exotic positions.

Release all your positive energy and take your passion to a higher level to discover new ways to satisfy each other's desires.

Its original playing rules and the unique illustrations make KAMA SUTRA THE GAME an especially erotic action game for lovers wishing to enjoy every facet of intimacy.

You will, in an adventurous way, get to know the countless variations of the Oriental art of love and together with your partner you will open up a whole new world of experiences......

*1 blue dice (Shiva)
*4 Shakti dice
*1 blue Shiva love booklet with tasks
*1 black Sakhti love booklet with 52 positions
*Rules of the game
*1 bag