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Ashley And Kisha

COMSTOCK FILMS.....Ashley And Kisha

ASHLEY AND KISHA: FINDING THE RIGHT FIT, the fifth in director Tony Comstock's ongoing series of award-winning erotic documentary films will be released on June 15. Coming in at 54 minutes 'Ashley & Kisha' is the latest installment in a series of films exploring the role of physical attraction and sexual pleasure in the human experience of love.

The first time Ashley saw Kisha's bare bottom, Ashley was making out with an ex-girlfriend. So begins the story of two women who seemed destined not to be together.

Ashley was a lady-killer and proud of it; Kisha was sexually conservative and straight. But Ashley's doggy ways turned to dogged determination as she watched one after another of her surefire moves fail to get her into Kisha's pants.

Finally, after weeks of failed seduction, Ashley's determination paid off. Kisha's ambivalence gave way to curiosity, her curiosity gave way to desire, and ultimately desire blossomed into love.

'This is about the sweetest thing I've ever seen,' says Shine Louis Houston, director of The Crash Pad. 'Their story resonated with memories from my younger days when I was coming out. And during the sex, the connection between Ashley and Kisha is so completely visible; there's no doubt that they're totally in love. Tony Comstock is able to translate the passion of the couples he films to the screen like no one else.'

'In witnessing the giving and receiving of pleasure, in seeing desire writ large across these women's faces, I have seen myself. I have seen my own desire to please and be pleased, to pleasure and be pleasured, to love and be loved. And it is that seeing of one's self that is, for me, the essential cinematic experience; that wonderful spark of recognition, that moment when the screen becomes a mirror of our own experiences, of our own aspirations.

'Ashley and Kisha: Finding The Right Fit' is just such a mirror for me, and I hope it will be for others as well.' - Tony Comstock

The technical aspects of this film are as unique as the story.

The result is a luminous rendering of a beautiful love story.