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Make Your Own Dildo

Organic Thermoset Polymer
The casting material used in the CLONE A WILLY & Make Your Own Dildo Kits is a proprietary, highly specialized, organic thermoset polymer that is actually much safer than many of the adult toys currently on the market due to its stability when cured. It resists break down even when exposed to silicone or petroleum based lubricants, heat, cold, or other extremes.

While your Clone A Willy is drying, however, you may experience a slight out-gassing (smell) until it reaches its full, cured properties (it usually takes a few days for complete cure). It�s a sweet-like smell, which is actually an amine. Amines are commonly found in ingestible drugs, and are completely safe. A polymer very similar to Clone A Willy�s is currently being used in condoms and in the bags that enclose silicone in breast implants.