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While latex is quite a bit firmer than silicone or jelly toys, rubber toys are still soft and somewhat flexible. Latex rubber is very popular because of its low cost, versatility and resilience. Latex toys wear out much faster than silicone or jelly toys because they are very porous.

Rubber toys can be very hard to clean properly, so no sharing without a condom.

Some people are allergic to latex and can't use it at all. Because of allergies to latex resulting in anaphylactic shock and other problems, synthetic versions of latex have been developed and are in many ways superior to natural latex.

The most common sex products using latex are condoms, dildos, fake vaginas, dolls, and fetish clothing.

Latex toys are inexpensive, so don't expect them to last more than a year or two, even with the best of care. However, if price is a concern and you plan to upgrade your toys often, latex can be the best choice. Cleaning should be done with mild soap and water and NEVER use alcohol or household cleaners.