Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Lubricant for Me?

Lubricant: a substance (usually a liquid) introduced between two moving surfaces to reduce the friction and wear between them".

We know choosing a personal lubricant can be mind-boggling: How a lube feels, what it tastes like, how long a lube lasts and what it is made from are all important when it comes down to finding the best personal lubricant for you.

What kind of activity do you mainly want your personal lube for?
For all kinds of vaginal sex and stimulation, use any water-based lubricant. Most of the personal lubricants we carry are water-based because they are the easiest to wash from the body. A water-based lube is, of course, safe to use with condoms and other latex barriers.

Super-long sex sessions and all kinds of anal pleasure may require a longer lasting personal lubrication to stay the distance and this is where a silicone-based lube. A silicone lube, though safe to use with condoms, can, over time, start to break down the surface of Silicone Toys - caused by the 2 silicones reacting together - so it�s advisable to stick to water-based formulas.

How "natural" do you want your personal lube to be?
The ingredients in certain personal lubricants can be irritating to some people, whereas others can cover themselves without a care, or itch, in the world. If you are particularly sensitive to allergic reactions, you'll want a really simple/natural lube e.g. Desire or Sylk.

Silicone lubes are best for when you have sex in water e.g. shower, spa, etc. or anal pleasuring (the ass is not so sensitive to oils)

Sensitivity: Choose a personal lubricant that has very simple ingredients like Desire (made from Hemp and Aloe Vera and no parabens).