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Back Ordered Products

What To Expect

Backorders Vs. Extended Backorders & Policies

Occasionally, we have items that are backordered.

Most of the time this is because an item was so popular that we sold out of them before we had a chance to get a new shipment in. However, on occasion, a manufacturer of a product can run into delays in filling their orders to us. Because situations as to why an item is back ordered vary, we have broken up back orders into two categories.

Back Ordered
When an item is listed as BACK ORDERED this means that we will most likely be receiving the item within 2 -10 business days. Often in these cases we have received confirmation that our order from the manufacturer is already on the way and we are simply waiting for it to arrive. Typically, we have a delivery date on these items and can provide you with an accurate estimate of when we can ship your product to you.

Extended Back Ordered
When something is on Extended Backorder, this means that we are having trouble getting an exact date as to when it will be delivered to us. It could be anywhere from 1 - 8 weeks. Most of the time it is around two to four weeks, but there have been cases where a manufacturer has shipped something, but it is being held in customs or they are getting so many orders for the product they are having a difficult time keeping up with the demand.

What Happens If Something You Order Is Back Ordered?
If your item is backordered we will contact you by email to discuss your options in getting the product that you ordered. Your satisfaction with our products and service is important to us and we do our best to provide you with accurate information about what you have ordered as well as when it will arrive.

If you are ordering something and need it by a certain date, please contact us to make sure that we have it in stock before placing your order.